Culture route - discover Würzburg

The Culture Route 9 departs every 30 minutes to the most significant tourist attractions in Würzburg. Hop on board and comfortably discover the prettiest spots in Würzburg.

When does the Culture Route run?

The Culture Route runs from the sunday preceding Easter until the end of October.

This year it runs from 24.03.2024 until 03.11.2024.

The journey through Würzburg is a unique cultural experience, with something for everyone, regardless of their age or interests.

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Discover culture

While aboard the Culture Route 9, you‘ll pass numerous Würzburg tourist attractions. Hop off to discover Würzburg and enjoy every facet of this beautiful city.

Hop on and explore Würzburg with the Culture Route!

Station: Residenzplatz

Begin your journey at the famous Residence Palace, the World Heritage Site in Würzburg. Gaze in wonder at the ceiling frescoes and the Mirror Cabinet. Take some time to stroll in the elegant Court Gardens and relax on one of the many benches.

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Station: Mainfranken Theater

Whether you prefer a dramatic play, the ballet, opera, operetta or a concert - in the Mainfranken Theater, there‘s something for everyone. Head into the city centre from here to visit the Cathedral and the Alte Mainbrücke.

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Station: Juliuspromenade

Hop off here to do some shopping or relax in the city centre. Or visit the impressive wineries of Würzburg: Juliusspital and Bürgerspital. The Roentgen Memorial, a museum honouring the inventor of the X-Ray, Dr Wilhelm Roentgen is within walking distance.

Station: Ulmer Hof

It‘s a short walk from here to the Alter Kranen where you‘ll find a beer garden and a brewery restaurant. Or how about taking a boat trip on the river Main, or even taking a stroll through the alleyways to the market square.

Station: Kulturspeicher

A former granary dating back over 100 years was converted into a cultural institution. Discover art from Würzburg and from across the entire European continent from the 19th century to the present day.

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Station: Versorgungsamt

Take a relaxing stroll along the river Main. The biggest festivals in Würzburg are to be found in the summer months here, such as Kiliani, Hafensommer, Africa Festival and Umsonst & Draußen music festival.

Station: Wörthstraße

It‘s just five minutes walk to the former State Garden Show grounds with an aquatic playpark for kids, Japanese garden and much more. Follow the footpath up to the Fortress Marienberg in just 20 minutes.

Station: Oberer Burgweg

Würzburg is renowned for its wine. From here you can roam through the vineyards and enjoy the breathtaking view over the city.

Station: Höchberger Tor

You are now at the outer walls of the Fortress Marienberg. You can view the impressive grounds from here before venturing into the fortress.

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Station: Schönborntor

Bring your journey to a close in the beer garden within the fortress walls or take part in a fortress tour - a treat not only for little knights and princesses. You can also find the Museum für Franken here.

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